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Paper or Plastic

Today was the journey back to Casper. Started out the day with the usual call from number 1 when he is headed out the door and on the way to my house. I followed that up by actually getting out of bed when I heard him come in the house about 20 minutes later. Managed to get the golf back together and gave the left over bolt to number 1.
Didn't want to take the chance of having another tire blow out on me like the first trip out here, so I headed to Wally World to get tires put changed out. Apparently it's not just Casper and 255/65R16 tires are not a common size. So I got to take the chance anyway and drive on the dreaded Bridgestones.
The plan was to leave by noon. I left at about 3. Matt and jack took to putting the plastic bags on the mattress and box spring, which I am very appreciative of the help but they are no engineers. Ended up stopping as soon as possible up Parley's to take to duck taping things... That lasted a couple hundred miles when I had to augment the duck tape job again... Between Rawlings and Casper I finally hit rain, and even with all my augmentations it looks like the box spring plastic didn't make it.
To top all this off, Tracea (Casper Reality) was supposed to leave the new apartment unlocked for me. It wasn't. So my loaded down pathfinder is sitting outside the Casper Holiday Inn Express with mattress and box spring on top with rain in the forecast for overnight and tomorrow...
Doesn't take a genius to figure out why I cringe every time I talk about Casper, does it?