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A week in Review

One week down with who knows how many to go...
Monday - 8 hours to install a phoneline, not too many people out there can manage that. I also managed to pick up a repair on top of the mountain. Sure is nice when signs are used to mark roads.
Tuesday - Learned what a joy arial wire is. Started the day off troubleshooting a couple phonelines that I had to carry my ladder into a couple back yards and climb some poles. Times like that it seems that a pair of gaffs would make a lot more sense. Finished the day off by driving out to Hiland (about 60 miles NW of Casper) only to hook up to the line and inform the customer that the line is working within specifications.
Wednesday - Think I am finally getting the hang of this phone thing. I still don't know my way around anywhere but it's starting to click.
Thursday - Must not have been too rememberable. Don't know what I did other than I got off on time.
Friday - Started the day off with a couple repairs that pretty much just involved cutting over to a new wire. I thought I had the address thing figured out only to find out that my understanding was completely wrong once outside of Casper. Either that or the people that make up the addresses weren't paying all that much attention. Only worked 8 hours and decided to pull out the Mtn Bike and go for a ride. Yes I am out of shape.

Smoking is apparently the rule and not the acception up here. I'm constantly surrounded by the foul stench. I may have to look into renting a house up here if I ever plan on getting any distance from it. I have completely taken for granite the Clean Air Acts that have protected me thus far. Also this being my first apartment experience, I don't ever want to do this again.
I was trying to motivate myself to go Mtn. Biking again this morning, but bed seemed like such a nice place that I didn't want to leave it. Maybe I'll go tomorrow...